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The Ultra XR Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth is an end-to-end prep, paint and curing environment. By integrating REVO Systems into this versatile finishing environment, vehicles can be filled, primed, sealed, painted and rapidly cured in one location.

  • The built-in overhead rail system allows REVO Speed or Rapid to easily move along the vehicle or panels
  • Downdraft airflow with GFS’ exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling for superior contamination control
  • Dual-bay construction
  • Intuitive LOGIC 4 controls with dual VFDs
  • NFPA 33 compliant

Control Panel

LOGIC 4 Control Panel

The Ultra XR CTOF comes standard with GFS’ LOGIC 4 control panel. This premium panel provides complete control over the booth. User-programmable, intuitive controls include dual VFDs, a 10-inch color interface and nine customizable flash and cure profiles that make it easy to tailor booth cycles for different coatings.


Integrated directly into your Ultra XR CTOF, the REVO Speed or Rapid improves paint shop efficiency by quickly curing filler and coatings. A built-in overhead rail system enables the REVO Speed or Rapid to easily move alongside the vehicle or panels, to quickly and thoroughly cure-all coatings. To make the solution fully NFPA 33 compliant, pressurized power rails prevent overspray from entering the rails, and the REVO System can be moved outside the spray area or stored in a pressurized parking garage when not in use.


BT1200 Heat Unit

Highly versatile, the Ultra XR CTOF Booth has an option of GFS’ BT1200 heat unit or exclusive roof-integrated SpaceSaver heat system. The BT1200 heater can be placed on the side or rear of a paint booth and is available in forced-dry models (BTFD). Ideal for space-conscious businesses, the SpaceSaver heater effectively compacts a high-efficiency heat system into the same area as the paint booth plenum.


Maximizing the effectiveness of the downdraft airflow, the Ultra XR CTOF features GFS’ exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling. This fully-filtered ceiling creates a protective envelope of air around the vehicle, while secondary zones keep overspray off booth walls and contaminants out of
the paint job.


Ultra XR CTOF booths feature four-tube hip-style lights. All GFS light fixtures are ETL and ETL-C listed, and come complete with T8 ballasts and color-corrected tubes.

Dual-Skin Panels

Pre-coated, dual-skin insulated panels on Ultra XR CTOF Booths provide a smooth fit and finish with no exposed wires or cables. Insulated panels cut down on noise and reduce ambient heat outside of the booth while keeping heated air inside the cabin.


Manufactured at our U.S. facility, Ultra XR CTOF Booths are made with dual-skin insulated, galvanized steel panels that are coated on both sides with a white, baked-on polyester topcoat, creating a rust-resistant cabin. Vertical wall panels reduce the number of joints and seams in the cabin’s construction, leaving you with a stronger, longer-lasting booth with a smooth fit and finish.


  • Self-supporting structure design
  • Solid back wall panels
  • Front curtain(s)
  • Divider curtain(s) for dual-bay models
  • Personnel door with observation window