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Dramatically reduce curing time with the REVO Speed. It quickly and completely cures filler and coatings from the inside out, saving shops significant time and money. 


It quickly and completely cures filler and coatings from the inside out, saving shops significant time and money. This fast-positioning model is best suited for collision repair facilities with speed lanes for repairs on one to four panels. With a vehicle clearance of 7 feet, the REVO Speed can accommodate all sizes of passenger vehicles, including cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs, as well as factory lifted trucks.

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Fast, Semi-Automatic Operation

Quickly and easily position the REVO Speed to automatically move based on specifications set in its control panel. There is no need to scan a vehicle or use special plates or markers. Simply place the REVO Speed at the beginning of the cure area and it will move on its own along and around the vehicle or panel. The unit returns back to its starting position with the touch of a button.

Increased Paint Shop Throughput

REVO Speed uses short wave, electric IR technology to offer the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes. By shortening the repair cycle time and significantly reducing rework, shops can easily get one more car through per day. Shops can further maximize production by using the REVO Speed as part of a Side-Load Finishing System.

High-Quality Results

Using short wave electric IR technology, the REVO Speed cures both filler and coatings from the inside out for a high-quality, complete cure. A faster cure also reduces contamination, as there is less time for the wet coating to be exposed to dirt and dust. Reaching curing temperature almost instantly, the REVO Speed uses significantly less energy to turn on and off, reducing operating costs.

Easy-to-Operate Controls

Simple-to-operate, high-tech controls make consistent, high-quality results easy. The travel speed and surface temperature are preset, so there is no guesswork for technicians on cure time. Just select the type of material being cured and the lamp sections to be turned on and off during the cure process, then press start.

Expert Support & Service

REVO Systems are backed by Global Finishing Solutions for reliable service and support. Spare parts for all REVO models are readily available at GFS’ U.S. facility and can be shipped overnight, decreasing costly downtime and eliminating the need to store backup parts. Visit GFS’ Center for Excellence training facility to see what REVO Systems have to offer before purchasing. Onsite training is also available, so learning to use REVO is easy.

Side-Load Finishing Systems

To maximize production, the REVO Speed is best used in conjunction with a Side-Load Finishing System. Vehicles move quickly between work bays on an integrated track and dolly system. An integrated REVO Speed can be easily positioned and moved between bays for increased efficiency.