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Vertex CTOF

Ultra Plus 1

GFS’ Vertex CTOF is the perfect solution for an affordable, all-in-one area for prepping and painting vehicles.

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Vertex CTOF: GFS' all-in-one solution for prep and painting operations that any shop can afford. Vertex CTOF is available in flexible and allow for unlimited spraying applications.


Vertex Single-Skin CTOF

GFS’ Vertex CTOF is the perfect solution for an affordable, all-in-one area for prepping and painting vehicles. Save time and money by performing both of these functions in one location!

For large shops, Vertex CTOF is an ideal complement to our top-of-the-line paint booths, providing a premium environment for performing prepping operations.

A self-supporting structure, Vertex CTOF stands on its own without the need of an additional support structure or ceiling suspension. Vertex CTOF is available in multiple configurations, with single, dual and triple-bay options in various lengths and widths.

Control Panel

control panel

AXIOM Control Panel

The AXIOM control panel is a simplified, easy-to-use control system. The intuitive display provides continuous updates of the system control of operation and faults.


  • 4” touch-pad interface
  • Spray, cure and flash cycles
  • Auto pressure control
  • Lighting controls
  • 18 system faults/warning codes
  • Optional: Controls for economy mode



BT1200 Air Heater

  • 10 hp direct-drive intake motor
  • 5 hp belt-drive exhaust motor
  • 34" tube-axial exhaust fan
  • 12,000 CFM
  • 1.2 MBTU direct-fire burner
  • Auto pressure control
  • Recirculating standard on downdraft models

BT1200 Optional Equipment

  • Non-heated units available
  • 1.5 MBTU upgrade
  • 15 hp intake motor upgrade
  • Twin variable frequency drive (VFD) packages
  • Natural gas or propane fuel options
  • Side, rear or roof-mounted units available

AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System

AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System

Adding AdvanceCure to the interior of the booth vastly improves the productivity of the equipment. AdvanceCure introduces controlled turbulence into the paint booth during the flash-off and cure cycles to rapidly draw vapors out of the painted surfaces. This increased airflow dramatically reduces the amount of time required for each paint job, and in turn, increases the profitability of your body shop. AdvanceCure speeds curing of both solvent-based and waterborne paints, so You can be sure that your finishing operation will improve today, and well into the future.

Fully Integrated Option

Fully Integrated Option

The AdvanceCure system has the capability to be fully integrated into Vertex and Professional series products. The integration of the system eliminates the need to cut holes into the walls, and also eliminates the need for any additional ducts or motors that protruded through the sidewalls of the booth.  The Integrated AdvanceCure system draws air from the booth work area through the intake filter located in the filter ceiling. This air travels through ductwork in the plenum to the fan mounted on the roof of the booth. From there the air is discharged back through ductwork to the nozzle plenum and discharged in a high velocity, turbulent, airstream.

Spacesaver Option

GFS' exclusive roof-integrated SpaceSaver heat system is engineered to provide high performance in a low profile package, opening up new possibilities for booth placement and body shop arrangement for businesses that are space conscious.

  • Low Profile Cabin Footprint
  • Superior Air Movement
  • Intuitive PLC Controls


  • Available in single, dual and triple-bay configurations
  • Single-skin, pre-coated white panels
  • Downdraft or Semi-downdraft airflow
  • Downdraft airflow includes:
    • One single row exhaust pit, Single-Bay
    • Two single row exhaust pits, Dual-Bay
    • Three single row exhaust pits, Triple-Bay
  • Solid back or drive-thru
  • High-performance airflow ceiling (HPAC)
  • Unlimited spraying capability
  • Self-supporting structure
  • AXIOM control panel
  • BT 1200 high-efficiency direct-fired heater (not available on triple-bay; consult factory
  • for triple-bay heater options)
  • Code Compliant




  • Single-Bay Widths: 12’, 14’
  • Dual-Bay Widths: 24’, 28’
  • Triple-Bay Width: 36’
  • Lengths: 21’, 24’, 27’
  • Height: 9'


  • LOGIC controls
  • AdvanceCure accelerated airflow system
  • Additional sidewall lights
  • ECO package (must purchase optional economy mode and AdvanceCure)
  • Available with SpaceSaver heater


GFS WAVE Aqua Paint Booth Filter

The WAVE Aqua filter is engineered for maximum performance in shops spraying waterborne paints. GFS WAVE Aqua paint booth filters provide the highest level of removal efficiency with waterborne paints.

Paint Booth Parts & Filters

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